400 pieces of this Romwe's White And Black Fluid Striped Shirt are on SALE tomorrow! Get it for only $9.99 (original price is $35).SALE DATE: 3rd April 2014 — 24 hours only!Don’t miss it! SHOP NOW: http://www.romwe.com/romwe-white-and-black-fluid-striped-shirt-p-59644.html?facebook=lepaperdoll

400 pieces of this Romwe's White And Black Fluid Striped Shirt are on SALE tomorrow! Get it for only $9.99 (original price is $35).

SALE DATE: 3rd April 2014 — 24 hours only!

Don’t miss it! 

SHOP NOW: http://www.romwe.com/romwe-white-and-black-fluid-striped-shirt-p-59644.html?facebook=lepaperdoll

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I’ve never seen a collection and range of fashion accessories this huge. And I’ve never seen prices for quality fashion accessories this low. $2 for a statement necklace, a buck for a pair of earrings? I’m totally in! Get a whole lot of quality fashion accessories for prices this low from JewelryBund.com

JewelryBund is an online store offering thousands of fashion accessories from necklaces to earrings and ear wraps to bracelets, watches, brooches, rings, hair accessories - you name it! 

"JewelryBund is your one-stop source for first-quality Jewelry products at rock-bottom prices.” -JewelryBund.com

Aside from a huge, professionally selected collection of items, JewelryBund takes pride of the prices they offer. They have their own factories to manufacture fashion accessories so they can guarantee an absolutely lower price. In fact, they make sure they offer the items at the lowest price on the internet EVER. They also take pride of their service quality - fast shipping, professional packaging and topnotch customer support. JewelryBund can also cater to wholesale buyers. 

I need ALL those beautiful trendy accessories in my closet pronto. I know you do too. ;)

Check out JewelryBund.com and let’s see if you can resist the temptation. 

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They say the wedding day is one of the most important and most special days in a woman’s life. No wonder why people spend a lot of time, money and effort just to make the special day absolutely perfect. And one of the most important parts of the wedding is of course the wedding dress!

Every woman has a dream wedding dress. Many of us started imagining and designing our traje de bodas since we were little girls. I recently discovered an amazing website that can bring any bride’s dream wedding dress to life - MyOwnDress.com

With MyOwnDress.com, your dream gown is never impossible! You can customize your dress to the littlest details. All you have to do is make them get a vision of your fantasy - by sending illustrations or photos of details that you want - and let them do their magic. All dresses are sewn by professional seamstresses and all materials used are of great quality. And what’s more? You can get your dream dress for a price of $3000 (shipping and tax included) - no matter how grand it is!

For more information on how to get your wedding dress done, visit this page.

Apparently, brides don’t need Cinderella’s fairy godmother to get their dream dresses. MyOwnDress.com can perfectly do the trick. 

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What to Wear to a Casino Night Out
The casino is becoming an increasingly popular choice for those people seeking an alternative to standard night-out destinations. This is largely because of the way online casino has made slot machines, online roulette and table games accessible to a wider range of people, and it means it is important to know how to dress when visiting oneFor women in particular, a night out a casino can be an opportunity to really ‘dress to kill’, and many will not want to miss out on that chance.
Many of you, especially those who haven’t been to a casino yet, might be asking: What do I wear to a casino?
Obviously most casino operate a dress code, but this varies depending on the location and prestige of the casino – as a top one in Monte Carlo or London will expect more in terms of dress than a provincial casino. If you are going to your local one, either with a boyfriend, husband or group of friends, smart casual is generally the most expected in terms of this code. A pair of pressed jeans or a smart skirt or trousers will be fine – coupled with a blouse and jacket. Of course you may be tempted to dress up much more than this, but bear in mind that this could leave you feeling overdressed and self-conscious – and that it may make your actual gambling less comfortable.
If you are going to a really classy casino in one of the big cities, then that is the time to dress to the nines. Here you can opt for a classy black cocktail dress, or even a full-length evening gown, as both of these looks will be perfectly acceptable here. You may also want to accessorise this with your finest jewellery, or some fake fur, as it is the ideal time to really make an impression at your most glamorous and elegant. However, when it comes to accessories such as a bag, it is better to opt for something smaller and more compact – as this will fit better with your look and will prevent you being encumbered while you are gaming.
Here are some outfit inspirations for a casino night out:

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Kristen Stewart’s leaked Ch@nel ads

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It’s officially spring! And here’s to my favorite season of the year. Who cares if Miranda Priestly thinks floral spring isn’t groundbreaking? The word “spring” still practically equates to “flowers” anyway. So to all the floral-loving girls (like me!) out there, here are some of the creative hair ideas perfect for spring. 

All products featured above are by Crystalmood.

On image 1: Spring Princess Barrette embellished with beads and pearls. This is the perfect accessory to add a chic floral accent to your spring outfit. [LINK TO PRODUCT]

On image 2: Colorful and sparkly barrettes perfect to make a statement with a half-updo. [LINK TO PRODUCT]

On image 3: Floral bun wraps to keep your bun secure and daintily stylish all spring day long. [LINK TO PRODUCT]

On image 4: Flexy Hair Styler to dress your spring updo up with a bunch of roses as easy as 1-2-3. [LINK TO PRODUCT]

More floral goodness at Crystalmood.com

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